Bloggers Sharing Sales Tips

Sharing Sales Secrets?? In some markets it might be unheard of! Ghastly! But not at the Friday Flea Market!! One persons success helps bring success to all. And with the event of our new website and the new format for sign-up, etc. it seemed like it might be a good time to poll each other for helpful tips. What can we (the sellers) do to drive traffic to our sites, to advertise our sites, to sell more? What kinds of things sell the best? Do you have some ideas to share? We would love to hear them. Let's learn from each other and help each other succeed! Please leave your helpful ideas in the comment section!!

Here's a few things that I've noticed working for others:

1) Change the profile on your blog. Add a cute picture that stands out and add a little advertisement after your display name (ie: Friday Flea Market-100+ sellers). Everytime you leave a comment on some else's blog, you leave a little advertisement for your site!

2) Visit other blogs & leave comments. Most all bloggers return the visits! But don't only visit on Thursday night in an attempt to drive people to your FFM. Be genuine & friendly. It comes back around in such amazing ways. Maybe designate Monday & Thursday for visits (or whatever days/nights work for you).

3) Have a mix of different types of items and add additional things often. Have you ever noticed that the most successful brick & mortar stores are the ones that not only have great items but they change their displays often?! Like walking into a whole different store each time you visit. It makes you want to poke around a little longer, make sure you haven't missed something.

4) Find someone that you admire. Maybe they have great photos, maybe they seem to sell lots, maybe they have a way with words. Watch what they do and ASK them how they do it. They'll likely be flattered!

Well, gals, what's working for you? Please share your thoughts...


backhomeagain said...

One thing that has been selling really well for me are my little pouches, for $15. In this economic climate, people are really looking for inexpensive yet unique presents. I haven't been selling many $45 items.

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hi Polly, I do agree that it helps to visit other people's blogs and leave sincere comments. Everyone likes feedback on their blog. The "friend of a friend" does work.

Yep, I agree that the price point is important. It is hard to sell high end items right now.

I have personally found that Etsy does better for me than an independent website. It is nice to benefit from the traffic that a larger site has.

~ Karen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for site...I am sure you all be successful during these economic times.I saw on Good Morning America they had a guest 'Thrift Shop Consultant' telling people how to shop?! Can you believe it?! I love the postcards..Polly will you be using your pretty photos for more designs?
I bopped over to a shop and they had pay buttons? How are those installed? I like suggestion number 1 but do not know how or where to add the signature? Happy Thanksgiving all!

Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

I am always open to suggestions on how to make my blog more interesting.
I am thinking about starting to do giveaways in the new year.
Has anyone done this? Would you say it has helped in sales?

I sell mostly Vintage items. I love selling on Etsy and I just signed up to sell on Bonanzle too.
It is free to list and small final fee when you sell.

Happy Holidays Everyone !

mamas*little*treasures said...

Just joined this week, and am taking some time to cruise around the site to get caught up on what's going on around here! Great ideas . . . perhaps we could share weekly tips that have worked for ourselves or for other sellers. I love this website, and am looking forward to getting more involved. Thanks!