Changes Blowing Through...again

This week you'll likely notice some changes when you go to our Shopping Page. The reason is because we are now the proud owners of a .NET site!! Try it out... go to

Unfortunately, the free banner from Shabby Jen is not authorized for use on websites (only blogs) so I had to make up a new temporary banner. I'm going to try to get us a pretty template of some sort with one cohesive banner for all our pages so please be patient as it's being worked on.

I've added an automatic re-direct from the keepandshare page to our permanent shopping page. You'll notice that I've added a couple of slots for advertising on the sidebar. This is just to help cover some of the costs of maintaining the website.

Say, did you notice that we almost at 80 sellers?!! Isn't that amazing? We may have to divide up into categories or something soon (any ideas?). In an effort to keep things fresh, remember to update with new items at least once every month. I have a temporary tech guy helping to visit the sites and make note of any bloggers that have not updated for more than a month. You may get a little generic message from me - just know that we're peeking in =) If you have added new items sometime in the last month, you don't need to be concerned. If, however, you just aren't able to do the FFM for a while, let me know and I'll take you off the list until it fits better with your schedule.
Thanks for all your help and participation!!

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