Link Trouble?

Hi gals. I wanted to let you know that I've been having some trouble with googlesites so our shopping page is now at:

The link change will not affect the majority of you but some of our new sellers may have the googlesite link. If you signed up more than a month ago, your link is fine (it'll still link to our FFM keepandshare main page). If you signed up in the last few weeks and your widget takes you to the googlesite, please change it to the link above and everything should return to being hunkydorry.

Sorry for the confusion! For some reason our googlesite comes up as being suspended for violating Google terms of service. I've written to them requesting more information but haven't heard anything back as yet. It may just be a glitch in their system as it's somewhat new. Since everything is now redirected, I'm not too concerned but of course if there's a violation of any kind I want to fix it. Even if we don't use that site in the future, we want to have the domain for the purpose of having priority in the google search engines.

Have a great sale tomorrow! Blessings...

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ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh lordy have I had trouble this a.m.!!!
Is it that you can't sell on blogger? I don't know. I couldn't sign in to blogger from this house at either computer...but my neighbor could on my account from her home.